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Leap Stays

We are the Hospitality service division of Le Adventure Planners. We focus mainly on Hotel & Resort Management, Hotel & Resort Marketing & Booking services.

Hotels & Resorts

We make it our business to really understand what exactly customer wants when they are outstation for long/ short stay for travel or official work. We have a wide range of Hotels & Resorts in all categories, from Private luxury villas to budget Homestays we have them all to meet our customer's accommodation needs across the globe.

Image by Cory Bjork

Experiential Stays

Why book a hotel in the town centre and struggle to add the scenic spots to your itinerary when you can see the magical views straight through your windows? Why google about the hyperlocal food joints when you can stay with the locals and get firsthand expert tips? This is what experiential stays are all about! We have curated a wide range of different kinds of experiential stays and pick your favourite tree house or Pool villa to start planning your next experiential vacation.

A girl in a pool on a hill on an island

What if your stay can be an extension of your experience? Our stays are exactly that – themed stays that add much more than just a shelter! Each destination has its unique experience that will be a part of your stay. In Coorg, stay in a coffee plantation home while a colonial-style bungalow would be perfect for exploring Pondicherry. How about eco-friendly jungle huts in Idukki or houseboats in Alleppey? The options are plenty – Luxury Villas, 5-Star Resorts, 4-Star resorts, 3-star hotels, Heritage Stays, Plantation stays, Farm stays, Waterfront Stays, Camping, Jungle stays and so on! we understand what the destination has to offer and pick an ideal stay that lets you enjoy every minute of the day.

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